A good friend recently told me, “Testimonials are bullsh*t.  People just make up whatever they want, nobody reads them, nobody believes them.”  Well, I still emailed several of my clients and asked them if they would write testimonials for me, because I’m assuming some people aren’t as jaded as my friend.  These are some actual statements written by my clients.  I admit, I was moved by what they said.

“I have worked with Dan on three motion pictures. He is, in brief: brilliant, musical, imaginative and dedicated.” Michael Convertino, Composer

“Dan Newman is an incredibly professional, talented and detail oriented human being.  He cares about the work, takes responsibility for every step in the process and knows how to get the job done.  Dan worked on two films for us with incredibly demanding directors and challenging QC requirements and he was able to deliver on both occasions.  We cannot recommend him highly enough… unless that means he will get super busy due to our endorsement and no longer be available to work for us.”  Sharon Bordas & Robyn Snyder, Mar Vista Entertainment

“Dan Newman and New Magic Entertainment is my first and only choice in sound. Dan provides the talent and professionalism in post production sound and music that is second to none. I have made over 40 films before meeting Dan and now I can’t imagine my post production sound being done without him and his company. I fully recommend him and his services and look forward to a long and successful future with him and his company. “  Charles Berg, Producer

“I am an actor/writer/director and producer.  I have done 22 features with many Oscar winners and movie stars, including Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum.  From this unique and experienced perspective, I can say Dan Newman is a genuine, unique and wildly talented composer.   Dan was wonderful to work with.  His calm demeanor helped achieve the very best performances.  I’ve gone onto work with Dan on several films, and working with Dan is nothing less than an experience in perfection.  He is completely dedicated to his craft, on both the artistic and the technical sides.  This is a rare gem to find in life, and I consider myself the better person for having been able to work with him.  I am working with Dan on my current movie, and I could not give higher praise for a professional in the business.” Tim McGrath, Producer, Actor, Director

“I have worked with Dan on several feature length motion pictures and short subject projects.  No matter what the final delivery, Dan always puts 100% of himself into my projects, he is an artist working within a very technical format, and I am proud to have him as a collaborator.  He makes my action come alive in a way that feels organic and exciting, he takes an audio problem as a challenge, a line drawn in the sand and battles until he is satisfied.  He is a stickler for detail and doesn’t shy away from the difficult.  I always find his work exciting and I keep coming back to him.  I highly recommend his studio and I will be working with him again, soon.”  Jesse Johnson, Director